3 Ways to Consume, Contaminate & Confuse this Earth Day


Why does celebrating Earth Day involve sacrifice and making do with less? Last night I had a dream where my friends and I turned things around to make a game of having fun in ways where the planet wins too.

You’ve heard the drill: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This year think outside the recycle box with activities where we have more, have fun, and make the world a better place. In the spirit of Earth Day (with a nod to April Fools) let’s take better care of our home and: Consume, Contaminate, and Confuse to our heart’s content.

1. Consume MoreTW_EarthDayPromo_Consume

  • Go all out and eat lots of organic veggies today. Green leafies are Flip’s favorite.
  • Take longer vacations, travel more. Imagine half the number of trips to Europe but staying twice as long.
  • Eat animal cookies to increase awareness  of extinction.
  • Shop at Walmart – they have organic veggies now.


TW_EarthDayPromo_Contaminate2. Contaminate the soil with mushrooms and fungi


TW_EarthDayPromo_Confuse3. Confuse

Many content themselves with releasing conflicting data about climate change. Why not share these ways to Consume and Contaminate More with your non-eco minded friends and keep them guessing?

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PS: Want more Earth Day fun? Every purchase of the Tilt World iPhone game plants one tree in Madagascar! Ensure your tree is planted by downloading Tilt World today in the App Store.


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