I’m Going to Space!

Tilt World Sponsors JP Aerospace Student Science Projects.

News Flash!: Im going to space!

I, Flip the tadpole, am going to space in a PongSat. I’ll be nestled amongst 10 Tilt Point Seed Embedded Paper Coins. These 10 coins are part of a science experiment to test how space conditions affect the germination rate of the seeds! Awesome right!?

tilt-world-sends-flip-into-space-inside-viewThis is what my space capsule looked like during yesterday’s test flight. 😉


This is me at the pre-flight check in. I still fit! I weighed in at one oz, so we have room for some snack… er seeds for the experiment.

The Flight

Track my progress here: https://www.facebook.com/jpaerospace

tilt-world-sends-flip-into-space-capsuleThe finished PongSat ready to mail to JPAerospace.

The Experiment

The Control PongSat with 10 more seed coins stays here on Earth. Once I return both sets of coins will be planted to see how they germinate. Check out LeafCutterDesigns.com who generously donated the Seed Paper for this experiment.


The control group all sealed up waiting for my return from space. Once I make it back with the Tilt Point Seeds (I wont eat any I promise 😉 then we’ll plant both groups and see how many sprout.

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