Tilt World Launches New Pollution Adventure Pack!

5_Adventure_PackSmok’n Crawdads!
There’s a fire in Shady Glen! Continue Flip’s adventures with 3 new worlds and 15 new levels.

Tilt World Launches New Pollution Adventure Pack!

Put out the forest fire and replant Shady Glen. In the new Madagascar Adventure Pack, help Flip chase down fiery charcoal dust, recycle bottle caps to bottle the Blight, and chow down on invasive species. Purchase and play the Madagascar Adventure Pack for more puzzles, story, and earn even more Tilt Seed Points to plant trees faster in Madagascar! Remember, for every Adventure pack won, Tilt World plants a tree with WeForest in Madagascar!

Now Plant twice as many trees by winning the Pollution Adventure pack available as an inApp purchase.

Named Pollution the new Adventure Pack chronicals the fate of Shady Glen after Flip replants the forest in Forest.

+ 15 Brand New Levels, with new puzzle tilting fun!
+ 3 New Worlds to save!
+ New friendly carbon and seeds that follow Flip.
+ Keep tilting to catch Coal Dust when it’s not Blighted!
+ Can you outrun crazy radiation?

The fate of Madagascar is in your hands!

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