The Viability of Playsourcing. What If One Point Was a Drop of Water?


NEWS FLASH: Players have scored 1 Million Tilt Points in just the last 24 hours! Here at XEOPlay, we were hard at work thinking up our next game, and we started wondering out how else we might be able to harness all that play.  So we went to our room full of Chimpanzees with typewriters and calculators. Here’s an excerpt from the report they came up with on alternative Playsourcing strategies:

“Judging by today’s Tilt World Score, if one Tilt Point were to purify a single drop of water in the real world, the players of Tilt World would have purified 110 gallons of water in just the last 24 hours.  In 365 days, 40150 gallons  of clean water would be produced! If we could arrange an agreement with an organization like WeForest whereby one Tilt Point could purify an ounce of water instead of just a single drop, then in a year over 22 million gallons could be made drinkable. That’s over 270 Olympic-sized swimming pools and enough water to quench the thirst of hundreds of thousands of people who don’t have access to clean water.  With hundreds of millions of people lacking access to treated water, that’s just a start, but it’s a step in the right direction, and remember Tilt World just launched two weeks ago!  […]  It is the conclusion of this analyst that Playsourcing, if widespread is, indeed, a viable strategy for solving sweeping world problems.”

Clean water is just one problem that potentially has a Playsourcing solution. Imagine if we could deliver, food, electricity, or medical aid, just by getting people to play. A water purifier with a built in videogame, a simulation of crop selection where every high score yielded a report on how people could be better fed in the real world, or an electricity saving and distribution game that hooked up to your electrical meter and an exercise bike which could help predict and prevent blackouts based on people’s use patterns… Anything is possible! There are a hundred ways to make the processes of solving real problems fun. For example, here’s a vocabulary game that donates rice to hungry people each time you play! Help us prove to the world that Playsourcing can make a difference.

Play. Plant. Protect.

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One Response to The Viability of Playsourcing. What If One Point Was a Drop of Water?

  1. Chris Wells says:

    Amazing I’d never thought about that! Can a game really plant trees?

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