Tilt World is free for the next 3 hours. Want to know why?

Special Extension: Tilt World will be available for free until 6pm PDT today.

International May Day is here.  Today we honor laborers throughout the world who struggle to make ends meet, to live with dignity, and to be respected as an important part of our global community.  It’s also the day of leaving wildflowers on people’s doorstep as a sign of good faith.

At XEOPlay we weren’t sure what we could do for labor, until we took a closer look at what our game really does.  The mangroves that we plant with WeForest fight this soil erosion. So our mission of planting a million mangroves in Madagascar is not just good for the environment, it’s good local farmers who labor to get peanuts, rice, sugar cane, and coffee harvested and brought to market each year.  The way these farmers make their living will only be sustainable as long as there is enough rich topsoil to feed their crops.  So this is our small part for May Day. For the next three hours (12pm-3pm PDT) Tilt World, the iPhone game that plants trees, is free for whoever wants to help.  It isn’t a bundle of freshly picked wildflowers, but it’s almost as beautiful, and it’s what we have to leave on your doorstep. From all of us at XEOPlay, Happy May Day.


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