The Press Loves Tilt World!


Brave Flip faces the toxic Blight in his home of Shady Glen. Art by Matthew Petyo.

Since the press started hearing about Tilt World last week, we’ve read tons of great stuff.  We just wanted to make a fun game that helped replant trees in Madagascar, but it seems that Flip is making quite a splash! We’re so glad to hear that people like the game.  We’ve been working hard for months and months and now we get to take a break and write thank you notes! Here’s just a few of the press who’ve been ever so supportive and kind!  Our first thank you is to these nice folks:

“The next time someone chides you for wasting time and playing games, tell them that you are saving the world – one tree at a time,” says Edwin Kee of Ubergizmo

Sean Ludwig at Venture Beat thought Tilt World’s gameplay was “as unique as the app’s environmental goals.”

And MomItForward’s Jamie Moesser insisted “any game that helps accomplish [environmental] objectives, while keeping the fun factor, is a winner in my book.”

Thanks a lot to all the press who have been enthusiastic enough to tell the world about us, and to all the players who have committed to play, plant, and protect.  Well it’s back to making more levels for us here at XEOPlay!  

If you haven’t already, you can download the game here.


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