New Global Pulse Designed to Give A Jolt of Aid to People Slipping into Poverty

Good News! The United Nations just started a project called “Global Pulse” to look at shopping trends and track searches by people who use social networks and mobile phones all over the world.  This means that if people anywhere in the world are all of a sudden losing jobs or are starting to complain that they can’t get  or can’t afford food, the whole world won’t have to wait for someone to do a yearly report on it to find out why it’s happening–that could take anywhere from three months to a year for even the most important stuff like people losing their homes!

Once Global Pulse is up and running, instead governments, businesses, and charities will know what’s going on quickly so they can start helping right away! And even better, it will be easier to figure out what caused these kinds of hardship because the sooner people find out about things, the fewer possible causes they need to investigate. Global Pulse sounds like a great step for getting relief to those who need it most and  a great way to learn how to prepare for disasters in the future.

This video explains a little more about the Global Pulse project.

Global Pulse sounds cool but what can I do?
The first step to doing something as a society is knowing what’s going on.  Stay informed. Try to read something that makes you feel like you’re learning everyday.  If you keep checking the Tilt World blog we’ll always be going on about something. And if you’re still hungry for more, here are a couple suggestions great sites where you can keep learning.


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