Tilt World Launches on the iPhone. A New Eco Hero is Hatched!

Great news! Tilt World officially launched on the iPhone! After weeks of secrecy leading up to the DEMO conference, we unveiled Tilt World at DEMO this week. Tilt World for the iPhone has 15 levels of challenging puzzle fun, plus all the Tilt Points you earn go to planting trees in Madagascar. Just be sure to dedicate them in the Impact book.

Nicole Lazzaro Launches Tilt World at DEMO

Nicole Lazzaro launches Tilt World an iOS game where players play for good. Photo: Venture Beat

Tilt World immediately jumped into the to top 100 kids apps hitting spot 81 during the conference. Keep letting your friends know at this rate, and we’ll have 1 million trees planted in Madagascar in no time! Fiero! \o/

Download Tilt World here in time to participate in our upcoming Tilt World Earth Day Challenge! Your Tilt Points are doubled on Earth Day!

Check out Nicole Lazzaro make the launch announcement live from the DEMO stage.

Here’s the uber-cool Tilt World trailer that Matt Petyo and Glenn Hernandez put together. Stuart Dubey did a rock’n job with the audio.

We are barely out of the gate and blown away by the press coverage so far.

Ubergizmo: “The next time someone chides you for wasting time and playing games, tell them that you are saving the world – one tree at a time.” ~ Edwin Kee

Venture Beat: XEOPlay’s beautiful iOS game Tilt World strives to make a real-world impact. – Sean Ludwig @seanludwig

Forbes: Will Tilt World be the next Instagram? ~ Robert Hoff @robhof

And here’s the press release:
Video Game Character Aims to End Climate Change Through the Power of Playsourcing ~ Market Wire

Other DEMO Highlights

The team had a blast checking out all kinds of other great companies at DEMO. Here are a few of our favorites:

Rawporter: they can crowdsource photo images for reporters.

Edamam: This app searches recipes and filters them for any of your dietary or nutritional requirements.

Dynamics Inc.: This company’s not making apps but we loved their high-tech credit cards because they look like a two button game controller. We also like that can round up the extra pennies of all your purchases and donate them to a good cause of your choice! Let’s get one for WeForest!

Jumala: A tool that lets users build their own 3D game!

And a special congratulations to TourWrist for winning the People’s Choice Award!

Thanks to everyone for all your support!

Happy Tilting.


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