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The Press Loves Tilt World!

Brave Flip faces the toxic Blight in his home of Shady Glen. Art by Matthew Petyo. Since the press started hearing about Tilt World last week, we’ve read tons of great stuff.  We just wanted to make a fun game … Continue reading

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Play a Game & Plant Trees: Celebrate Arbor Day with Tilt World for iOS

Wikimedia Commons credit Muriel Gottrop. The points you earn in Tilt World help plant trees in Madagascar!  We’ve nearly gotten to 3 million points so keep playing and showing the game to your friends.  They can download it here. On … Continue reading

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Game Lets Players Solve 15 year-old AIDS Protein Problem. Guess How Long It Took Players?

Foldit, a game that lets players fold, twist, and build virtual proteins just made history. The game’s players managed to solve a difficult problem by finding the lowest energy molecular shape of a protein scientists have been trying to work … Continue reading

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Not Just For Stir Fry! Mushrooms Help Eat Pollution and Fight Disease!

Did you know that fungi like mushrooms are made up of little networks of  fibers called mycelium that act as external lungs and stomachs?  These fibers make up little filters that are great at catching pollution and turning it into … Continue reading

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Madagascar’s Baobabs Saved!

Great news for the giant Baobab trees of Madagascar.  Authorities have stopped the dumping of excess water into the Baobabs’ habitat by rice farmers.  Since this “last minute rescue operation” the roots of these great trees have stopped rotting, and … Continue reading

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New Global Pulse Designed to Give A Jolt of Aid to People Slipping into Poverty

Good News! The United Nations just started a project called “Global Pulse” to look at shopping trends and track searches by people who use social networks and mobile phones all over the world.  This means that if people anywhere in … Continue reading

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Video Game Character Throws Down an Earth Day Challenge, Dares CEO to Plant 1 Million Trees to Slow Climate Change

In celebration of Earth Day Flip, the determined tadpole on a mission to reforest Shady Glen throws down and Earth Day Challenge and dares Nicole Lazzaro, CEO of XEOPlay to plant 1 million trees in Madagascar. Flip plans to send … Continue reading

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