Tilt HD – Version 1.0.2

Now available on the App Store.

We are proud to announce the launch of Version 1.0.2 of Tilt HD for the iPad.

Extra HD Artwork! Easier TiltPoints™! More Flip! More FUN!

*Enhanced feedback on what Flip doesn’t like. Blight= Yuck!
*Improved ease of use
*New more intuitive scoring system
*Improved Level Designs especially in the early game
*Point allocations (Can you be an Eco-Hero?)
*New Help Screens
*More HD artwork
*New Scoreboard Animations
*New illustrations for transition screens showing Scene progress and hint at where Flip is going next. (Flip’s feet are so cute!)
*More story for the global meta-game (Check out the Global Scoreboard as we Tilt together to fight the Blight on TiltWorld.com!)
*Plus Flip has something new for when you win.

Download a copy today and join the “Fight against the Blight”!!!

Here are some screen shots of the new Help Screens. 😉

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