April 26th, 2010
“TiltMOB Co-op Challenge”

Last week marked the launch of the very first “TiltMOB Co-Op Challenge”.

Using the In-Game Map (Press the Red World Button on the Story Card) or the Map via www.TiltWorld.com and a user’s TiltPoints™, we have been able create a unique MMO Style of Co-op Gameplay for Tilt.

TiltPoints acquired from players around the world are joined together to help conquer a challenge in 1 of 7 regions around the world. Each new challenge is based off of Eco-Events happening in the the real world.

Last week’s TiltPoints were collected to help raise awareness of the the ash plume looming over Europe as a result of The Eyjafjallajokull Volcano eruption in Iceland. More than 350,000 points were collected and the challenge was a success. Congratulations to all who participated!!!

A new Challenge Awaits!

To checkout the latest TiltMOB Co-Op Challenge hop on over to www.TiltWorld.com and scroll down to the map to hear what Flip has to say. Challenges update regularly and are based on Eco-Events happening around the real world.

Congratulations to our Top Tilters this week:

1. gargi 24927
2. silverbolt777 19721
3. haefen 4582
4. caesar_x 2342
5. raines 1450
6. ripthisjoint 1030
7. sebastian 1027
8. peach_ 948
9. tym4n 855
10. nosretap 707

Happy Tilting,

~Tilt Team

April 22nd, 2010
Tilt HD is FREE for Earth Day Only- An iPad Exclusive

*Only on Earh Day – April 22nd, 2010

That’s right, we are giving away Tilt HD: Flip’s Dimension in 1.5 Dimensions for FREE!!!

Follow this link to the g Copy of Tilt HD, Free on Earth Day ONLY, April 22nd, 2010!

Checkout the Press Release Here!

If you would like to see some sceenshots of Tilt’s gameplay checkout our Fan Page.

Game On!

~Tilt Team

April 1st, 2010
The HD iPad Version now Available on the App Store

Tilt: Flip’s Adventure in 1.5 Dimensions HD is now available in the App Store. To find out more follow this link.

Thanks to everyone who has put in countless hours releasing Flip to the rest to the world. It is truely an amazing experience that has really came together to be a fantastic App. The gameplay is unique on many levels and with over 60 levels there is plenty to enjoy.

Go to the App Store now to pick up your copy of Tilt in HD for the iPad Today!!! And be on the lookout as the iPhone version is coming in the near future.

If you would like to see some sceenshots of Tilt’s gameplay checkout our Fan Page.

Checkout the Press Release here!

Rock and Roll,

~Tilt Team

March 23rd, 2010
Beta 3 has begun!

That’s right, Beta 3 has launched with the delivery of Build 0.4.084. We have added new puzzles, new art, and new payoffs for winning and losing a level.

Hurry up and get all of your feedback in before we submit to Apple. You can either join our Facebook Discussion Board or send an email to TiltTeam@xeoplay.com

Happy Tilting,

~Tilt Team

March 5th, 2010
Ready to Tilt the World? Beta 3 is about to begin!

Want to Join in the Fun?

Purchase Tilt!

Waiting for an invite? Already in? Looking to follow the fun? Join our Facebook Group.

This is the final phase of testing before we Tilt Flip on over to the App Store. So your opinion counts! We’ve been blessed to have so many of you share your thoughts by Facebook, email, and phone. Thanks to all of you Tilt’s gonna be Tilt-tas-tic!

If you have not had a chance to Beta Test Tilt and would love to, please request a Beta invitation at XEOPlay.com. Let us know why you want to join the Beta. Once accepted you will be able to create an account and download the build onto your device.

Ready. Set. Tilt!

~Tilt Team

February 2nd, 2010
Tilt Wins Awards

We are very proud to announce that Tilt: Flip’s Adventure in 1.5 Dimensions has recently won a couple of outstanding awards in the gaming industry.

–Innovation in GamePlay – 9th Annual NAViGaTR Awards
“The National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers Corp.”
Take a look at the nominations, here.

–Honorable Mention for Achievement in Art at the 2010 Independent Games Festival Mobile Contest
Read the Article, here!
~ Gamasutra

–Tilt Wins First Runner Up in DiscoveryBeat’s App Contest
We’re very excited that Tilt did so well, especially as we are just starting Beta!
~ VentureBeat

Happy Tilting,

~Tilt Team

January 27th 2010
This is what Tilt will look like to play on the recently announced iPen!

Tilt On Pen

Happy Tilting,

~Tilt Team

January 6th 2010
Tilt Reaches Beta 2!

Want to become a beta tester? Join our community now. Sign up at www.XEOPlay.com to receive a beta invitation and Tilt into the fun.

Join our Tilt: Flip’s Adventure in 1.5 Dimensions’ Group on Facebook and share with others how you want to Tilt the World. Looking forward to your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions. Post photos or videos of how you Tilt the World, and spread the word by sharing the group with your Facebook Friends.

Game On!

~Tilt Team

December 21st
Tilt Welcomes New Team Members!

A big Tilt World hello to Vince Lee who’s polishing the polish, Blighting more Blight, and making Flip mightier! Vince is diving in and adding those details that we know all of you will appreciate.


Delighted to have Casey West join in as our official Rails straightener. Thanks to Casey the websites and soon to be launched meta-game work in your browser.


Happy Tilting,

~Tilt Team

October 30th, 2009
Tilt Reaches Feature Complete!

After months of hard work Tilt has reached feature complete and we are very excited. Tilt is a global eco-recovery simulation game that brings people together around the world. Keep your eyes open, we have some surprises in store for you in the months ahead, including some new social media research through out sister company XEODesign, Inc.

Be one of the first to play out game and give us feedback before we submit to Apple Sign Up Here!

Nicole Lazzaro

Game Designer

Ever since working with Joe Hewitt at iPhoneDevCamp on theoriginal web demo, I have wanted to connect players and create a power of ten feeling. Tilt gives people the experience of going from one small decision as simple as choosing between paper or plastic to experience the power of tiny actions on a global scale and how by working together we can do anything.

Nicole Lazzaro
David Gregory

David Gregory

Lead Programmer

Ushering Flip into the native iDevice age has been a labor of love for this team. I enjoyed my time on this project because, for me, it was a return to my small team roots. 100% of our focus is the game.

There’s a lot of gameplay in these 60 levels, more than you expect at first glance. Take your time, and enjoy!

Iggy Medeiros

Art Lead

The best thing about creating the art for Tilt was that there was this great story to begin with. We all had a lot of room to let our creativity flow, but
I knew little Flip existed already somewhere, it was just waiting to come out. It just needed the right group of people to get together and make it happen and I feel fortunate to have worked with such a talented group. The most challenging thing I’d say was pairing the great story with just enough visuals and no text.

I am looking forward to the launch. I hope everyone enjoys it and has as much fun as we had making it.

Stuart Dubey

Stuart Dubey

Audio Lead

It’s been a fantastic process creating an immersive audio world for Flip’s adventures. There’s a great story to the game as Flip discovers how to save the world. It was especially inspiring to work with such a talented team, focused on creating an innovative game about saving the natural environment. I hope you enjoy it!

David HM Spector

Scoring Backend Framework

Tilt has been a great project to work on as it has allowed me to use a lot of
my professional experiences of the last 20+ years in server-side infrastructure design,
wireless networking, and mobile computing into one cohesive game and platform
that will give Tilt’s audience a lot of fun and excitement.

Dave Spector
Adam domenick

Adam Domenick

Production Assistant and QA

Working with an independent team has truly been one of the most exciting experiences in my career, especially when the team is filled with memebers who are very passionate about releasing a quality product to the market.

Tilt has been a wonderful and amazing ride. The most challenging part of the project for me would have to be piecing together all of the tiny parts to make everything work. Its that x10 factor I’ve heard rumors about!

Game On!

~Tilt Team

March 8th, 2009
Tilt’s Sneak Peak!

Today Nicole gave the first public sneak peak of Tilt at the Cybersalon ”iPhone Love Fest” in Berkeley and hosted by renowned author Steven Levy.

It’s very exciting seeing everyone’s ideas and hard work finally come to life. Take a look at the video below to see what we have accomplished so far. Can’t wait to see what the game will look like in a couple of months!

Rock and Roll!

~Tilt Team

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