Play Green with an Earth Day Double Tadpole Tilt Point Challenge

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Happy Earth Day!
Earn 10 Million Points and We Plant Another 10,000 Trees

Here’s the deal add another 10 Million points to the world score in honor of Earth Day by playing Tilt World. Once you and players just like you get the Tilt World Score to 20 Million I will hop on over to Madagascar and plant a second 10,000 trees with my friends at WeForest. Right now we are at 12 million Tilt Points and we need to be at 20 million soon! To make it easy Tilt World is now Free on the App Store until April 20th. And all the points you earn are worth double. That means you plant two trees for winning the Forest game. Upgrade to Adventure Pack 2 and you’ll plant another two trees once you win that.

Download Tilt World Free!


We need more Tilt Point Seeds! I just returned from my first space flight aboard JP Aerospace PongSat. From space it was easy to see that rate of deforestation is increasing. The Google Earth image near our planting site from 2002 with lots of trees look nothing like what it does today. We need your help to plant trees in Madagascar ASAP.

You can track the world score on the Tilt World Map And my friends Matt, Kevin, and Glenn made this crazy cool calculator for carbon and family impact of tree planting on the Tilt World website:

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 10.14.29 PM


On March 29th players earned 10 million Tilt Points. Looks like we now have over 12 million. My challenge to all you players is to earn 8 million more by April 30th to break 20 million.

Need a break from playing Tilt? Check out our tree planting friends at WeForest and why not make a donation and plant some trees with them today!


~ Flip

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3 Ways to Consume, Contaminate & Confuse this Earth Day


Why does celebrating Earth Day involve sacrifice and making do with less? Last night I had a dream where my friends and I turned things around to make a game of having fun in ways where the planet wins too.

You’ve heard the drill: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This year think outside the recycle box with activities where we have more, have fun, and make the world a better place. In the spirit of Earth Day (with a nod to April Fools) let’s take better care of our home and: Consume, Contaminate, and Confuse to our heart’s content.

1. Consume MoreTW_EarthDayPromo_Consume

  • Go all out and eat lots of organic veggies today. Green leafies are Flip’s favorite.
  • Take longer vacations, travel more. Imagine half the number of trips to Europe but staying twice as long.
  • Eat animal cookies to increase awareness  of extinction.
  • Shop at Walmart – they have organic veggies now.


TW_EarthDayPromo_Contaminate2. Contaminate the soil with mushrooms and fungi


TW_EarthDayPromo_Confuse3. Confuse

Many content themselves with releasing conflicting data about climate change. Why not share these ways to Consume and Contaminate More with your non-eco minded friends and keep them guessing?

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PS: Want more Earth Day fun? Every purchase of the Tilt World iPhone game plants one tree in Madagascar! Ensure your tree is planted by downloading Tilt World today in the App Store.


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I’m Going to Space!

Tilt World Sponsors JP Aerospace Student Science Projects.

News Flash!: Im going to space!

I, Flip the tadpole, am going to space in a PongSat. I’ll be nestled amongst 10 Tilt Point Seed Embedded Paper Coins. These 10 coins are part of a science experiment to test how space conditions affect the germination rate of the seeds! Awesome right!?

tilt-world-sends-flip-into-space-inside-viewThis is what my space capsule looked like during yesterday’s test flight. 😉


This is me at the pre-flight check in. I still fit! I weighed in at one oz, so we have room for some snack… er seeds for the experiment.

The Flight

Track my progress here:

tilt-world-sends-flip-into-space-capsuleThe finished PongSat ready to mail to JPAerospace.

The Experiment

The Control PongSat with 10 more seed coins stays here on Earth. Once I return both sets of coins will be planted to see how they germinate. Check out who generously donated the Seed Paper for this experiment.


The control group all sealed up waiting for my return from space. Once I make it back with the Tilt Point Seeds (I wont eat any I promise 😉 then we’ll plant both groups and see how many sprout.

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Tilt World Launches New Pollution Adventure Pack!

5_Adventure_PackSmok’n Crawdads!
There’s a fire in Shady Glen! Continue Flip’s adventures with 3 new worlds and 15 new levels.

Tilt World Launches New Pollution Adventure Pack!

Put out the forest fire and replant Shady Glen. In the new Madagascar Adventure Pack, help Flip chase down fiery charcoal dust, recycle bottle caps to bottle the Blight, and chow down on invasive species. Purchase and play the Madagascar Adventure Pack for more puzzles, story, and earn even more Tilt Seed Points to plant trees faster in Madagascar! Remember, for every Adventure pack won, Tilt World plants a tree with WeForest in Madagascar!

Now Plant twice as many trees by winning the Pollution Adventure pack available as an inApp purchase.

Named Pollution the new Adventure Pack chronicals the fate of Shady Glen after Flip replants the forest in Forest.

+ 15 Brand New Levels, with new puzzle tilting fun!
+ 3 New Worlds to save!
+ New friendly carbon and seeds that follow Flip.
+ Keep tilting to catch Coal Dust when it’s not Blighted!
+ Can you outrun crazy radiation?

The fate of Madagascar is in your hands!

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The Viability of Playsourcing. What If One Point Was a Drop of Water?


NEWS FLASH: Players have scored 1 Million Tilt Points in just the last 24 hours! Here at XEOPlay, we were hard at work thinking up our next game, and we started wondering out how else we might be able to harness all that play.  So we went to our room full of Chimpanzees with typewriters and calculators. Here’s an excerpt from the report they came up with on alternative Playsourcing strategies:

“Judging by today’s Tilt World Score, if one Tilt Point were to purify a single drop of water in the real world, the players of Tilt World would have purified 110 gallons of water in just the last 24 hours.  In 365 days, 40150 gallons  of clean water would be produced! If we could arrange an agreement with an organization like WeForest whereby one Tilt Point could purify an ounce of water instead of just a single drop, then in a year over 22 million gallons could be made drinkable. That’s over 270 Olympic-sized swimming pools and enough water to quench the thirst of hundreds of thousands of people who don’t have access to clean water.  With hundreds of millions of people lacking access to treated water, that’s just a start, but it’s a step in the right direction, and remember Tilt World just launched two weeks ago!  […]  It is the conclusion of this analyst that Playsourcing, if widespread is, indeed, a viable strategy for solving sweeping world problems.”

Clean water is just one problem that potentially has a Playsourcing solution. Imagine if we could deliver, food, electricity, or medical aid, just by getting people to play. A water purifier with a built in videogame, a simulation of crop selection where every high score yielded a report on how people could be better fed in the real world, or an electricity saving and distribution game that hooked up to your electrical meter and an exercise bike which could help predict and prevent blackouts based on people’s use patterns… Anything is possible! There are a hundred ways to make the processes of solving real problems fun. For example, here’s a vocabulary game that donates rice to hungry people each time you play! Help us prove to the world that Playsourcing can make a difference.

Play. Plant. Protect.

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We’re Big in China


Hooray! Since offering the app for free on May day, Tilt World has gotten to #6 in Free Kids games and #96 in the free games! And in China, WE ARE GAME #1!!!  Thanks to everyone who downloaded Tilt World. Keep telling your friends!  And a special thanks to those of you who have been writing such nice things about us! Like this:

“Nicole Lazzaro ups the game with game that actually can make a difference. Noble cause gaming = early indicator of most positive trend.”

Lorne Lanning, creator of Oddworld series

A perfectly positive trend in our opinion too!  Let’s Play, Plant, and Protect!

Game On!

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Free Tilt World Wallpapers!

As a thank you for all the amazing support during our May Day special, we are offering these spiffy new Tilt World wallpapers for your Desktop, iPad and iPhone!  Enjoy!

Desktop 1920 x 1080

iPad 768 x 1024

iPhone 640 x 960

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